5 Minute Friday: Notice

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The word for this week is: Notice


Sometimes we are too busy to stop and notice. Notice anything. Notice that we aren’t happy, or we aren’t feeling joy, or we are enjoying our lives. We’re too busy stuck doing the dishes, or taking out the garbage, or worrying about how our kid only got 3 words right on their spelling test. We’re too busy noticing all of the wrong things.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t stuck noticing all the things I don’t like, or I don’t want to do, or all the things I “think” are wrong…and I wish I was able to spend time noticing all the things that are good. Notice the good that is hidden in all the bad. Or at least what I consider to be bad.

Every once in awhile I notice the small things. The joy in my daughter’s eyes when I catch her with a crayon drawing on something she “shouldn’t” be drawing on. And for a moment I see through her eyes, and I notice that she is seeing something amazing. Something beautiful. Something “pretty.”  She doesn’t live by rules, or “have to’s” or “should’s” she notices the now. She notices what is real. She notices what makes her happy and she isn’t afraid to just go out and do it.

To notice what makes me happy. To notice and go do it. yup.



  1. Pattyann says:

    Yep, I have been so busy with the negatives that I forget to notice the positives all around me. I have been writing this month on Gratitude and find myself realizing blessings with each day of focus. We can change what we notice.

  2. Somer says:

    the every dayness of life can suck you complete dry. It’s amazing that all the mundane blinds. It really does take intention to notice the good and then receive the joy in it. Where is your space to do that? I’ve come to know that I absolutely have to have some ‘me’ time before everyone is up and loud. My soul is so thirsty for it. Where’s your joy space? I’m wishing you a beautiful weekend with that mischievous girl!

  3. Helen says:

    Beautiful post. Loved it. I’m making it a rule I follow, now, to see things through my child’s perspective when we’re sharing time together. One learns so much that way. [A fellow FMF-er]

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